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Mario Ottoboni, Founder of APAC

Restorative justice doesn't occur spontaneously. It is the fruit of an awareness and an openness to grace. Dr. Mario Ottoboni, the founder of APAC, was a man marked this awareness and openness, and his passing last January constitutes a tremendous loss. At the same time, it's an occasion to celebrate the life of a great man and to learn from him, to turn our gaze to the horizon toward which he moved throughout his life.

Restorative justice is not a concept familiar to most Americans, thus neither are APAC nor its founder well-known here. With Unguarded, Camino Productions NYC hopes to change all that. The first step in understanding APAC is to understand its founder, and to that end we provide here a link to a brief but insightful profile written by Dan Van Ness for Prison Fellowship International.

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